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Welcome to the New Normal Project

Welcome to the New Normal Project. On this site, we will gather some of the best resources and experts to help organizations pivot to address the challenges they face today.…

THE END IS NIGH – Now What Do We Do?

It’s been almost nine months since COVID 19 took the world by storm. We thought it would be over in a couple of months. And then it dragged on and…



The Leader’s Playbook in time of crisis

As communities and organizations deal with an unprecedented crisis in the form of this Corona pandemic, there are certain approaches which can set these organizations – and their leaders –…

The New Normal Project engages with a diverse array of thought leaders, professionals and partners to develop a unique understanding of trends, challenges, and opportunities.

We do this through a unique and diverse array of projects, including convening roundtables, surveying practitioners and changemakers, conducting focused interviews, and presenting panels of experts and thought leaders.  A key question is how leaders and organizations should pivot to best adapt to the new normal – and our aim is to develop novel insights about trends and implications.

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We can help you and your organization better understand how to emerge from this crisis in the strongest way possible.

We can match you up with a consultant, resource, or approach which is the best fit for you…including developing hybrid or customized approaches.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

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