What will your new normal look like? And how can you best position your organization to address these future challenges?

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The pace of change has rapidly increased in the 21st century; our culture, institutions, government, private sector are in continuous adaptation. Normal is always being challenged and redefined.

Covid 19 has prompted dramatic shifts on a personal and societal level.  It is a “black swan” challenge – and opportunity – that cuts across all spheres of life, with many short-term and long-term implications.  We are still in the midst of it, but already we can begin to see impacts and ways in which different institutions are coping. 

In order to navigate uncertainty and make smart strategic decisions, leaders need to identify the relevant trends and issues at play.  This means asking the right questions as to how various drivers of change can impact an organization’s operations, service delivery, and ability to deliver on its mission – while at the same time resisting both the pull of business as usual and the allure of fads and quick fixes.  

An engagement through the New Normal Project can help you and your organization better understand how to emerge from this crisis in the strongest way possible. 

What the New Normal Project brings to an engagement is insight – specifically in terms of the impact of change on the particular circumstances of an organization or market segment, as well as possible strategic directions to adapt. We offer several options to assess the implications of trends and drivers of change for your organization.

We can match you up with a consultant, resource, or approach which is the best fit for you…including developing hybrid or customized approaches which can include: 

  • Focused roundtables 
  • Market research and surveys 
  • Scenario planning
  • Strategic planning 
  • Collaborations and merger exploration
  • Ideation and strategic brainstorming 
  • Executive and leadership coaching

We have deep experience working with the following organizations:

  • Jewish Federations
  • Synagogues and Temples
  • Camps
  • Day and Private Schools
  • Israeli-based and American Friends organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations (in general)

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