What is the New Normal?

Whether you call it new normal, next normal…or just plain not normal, Covid has disrupted everyone’s plans and activities.  In many cases, this pandemic has served as an accelerant for trends, challenges, and changes that were playing out before – and while in the “beforetimes” inertia could often carry organizations through, allowing them to kick the can down the road, now there is no choice but to confront harsh realities and stark questions.

A good metaphor I recently heard is that of a forest fire, which sweeps through in a sudden rush and causes a lot of disruption.  Dead wood, debris, and untended conditions can make a situation ripe for this kind of disaster.  But afterwards, while the ground may be less cluttered or sparse – with surviving trees scarred or charred – those that do survive may be stronger and new shoots can emerge healthier than they were before. 

(Credit for this metaphor to the first podcast episode of “Post Corona” by Dan Senor – check it out!)

There is probably more to this metaphor which can be played out in terms of how to fight fires, that these increasingly tend not to be over-and-done incidents but longer-term efforts, and the need for more active management of our natural settings…but I think you get the idea. 

One can say similar things of our non-profit organizations, and those that fund them.  Now is the time to be proactive, to address long-standing issues head-on, and to start moving from response mode to recovery or even transformation.  It’s not going to be easy – but this is what coming to terms with the new normal is about. 

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